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Benefits overview

As the world of investing and money management has become dramatically more complicated, an awareness of and desire for positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts has evolved in the public sphere.  Tailoring investments to reflect ESG concerns is no longer a minority practice.  It is now so mainstream that clients, beneficiaries, funders, and others are not only interested – many are outright seeking or expecting it.

Shareholder engagement is a sure pathway to create beneficial impacts in the ESG arena.

Shareholder engagement is the only aspect of social impact investment that does not require screening, changes to existing money management, asset allocation, or investment methodologies. Instead, our services are an overlay that work with your established modalities and relationships.

We create positive impacts with what you already own.

Investor Voice has been credited with many firsts, and has been responsible for a number of most notable achievements of the shareholder engagement arena.

Our established expertise can help you or your organization to:

    • Enhance or achieve a respected status within the SRI arena
    • Educate nationally and internationally on issues of concern
    • Elevate a discussion into the business press
    • Retain the loyalty of existing mission-led clients
    • Attract new mission-aligned clients
    • Excite funders and donors
    • Expand the reach of a grassroots campaign

Benefits vary for each category of client

While the work Investor Voice performs for clients remains consistent across categories, the benefits received client-by-client varies according to what category the client is in.

(Click on an item below to expand it and to learn about the benefits of shareholder engagement for each category of client.)

Money managers, Investment advisors & Mutual fund portfolio managers

Endowments, Foundations & Donor Advised Funds

Wealthy families & Individuals

Public trusts & Pension plans

Non-profit organizations

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