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Shareholder proposal to Berkshire Hathaway on reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Primary shareholder filing to Berkshire Hathaway, created by Investor Voice.


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  1. I hesitated before voting in favor of this proposal because I believe nuclear energy is even more dangerous. I wonder whether much of the anti-coal sentiment is fueled and funded by the nuclear industry, which promotes nuclear as a viable alternative to coal. I would feel much more comfortable about supporting this proposal if it contained even stronger wording against nuclear energy.

    • Thank you for your reflection, which (I apologize) I read awhile ago but have not circled back to. I agree that nuclear is not a sustainable alternative, but one of the reasons a report like this is requested is to “benchmark” a company and get them on the record — either for what they’re doing or for what they are refusing to do.

      Under SEC rules a shareholder proposal must be well focused, so too many topics or threads or extraneous comments could get the proposal knocked out of the proxy.

      I do not feel that the nuclear industry (while certainly a “strange bedfellow” to the anti-coal movement) is behind that movement, and no one I know fighting coal is pro-nuke.

      In short, you may feel perfectly fine about voting FOR this proposal!

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